The story of the Daintree Blockade is divided into 4 parts. The part opener spreads feature a full bleed image that showcase some of the natural environment that the blockaders where trying to protect.
 Another part opener spread.
 This is an example of the chapter opener spreads throughout the book.
 As well as photographs, memorabilia items are used throughout the book.
 the book contains a combination of professional news photography and amateur snaps.
 Where ever possible, iconic images are used at full bleed size. This helps emphasize the images, but also gives a pause in the pace of the book.
 Some images lend themselves to a full spread bleed. This is a terrific portrait of some of the main character in the story of The Daintree Blockade.
 Another iconic image used at full bleed.
 Sometimes the images are in a sequence. This also helps tell the story in a visual way.
 The logo design for the author's own imprint. The name comes from a well-known local beach that also features in the story.
 Initially, the author has been promoting The Daintree Blockade at a local market in Port Douglas, a main hub in the Daintree region. He required a free standing 2 metre high banner for the front of the market stall (at left) as well as a promotional bookmark (at right). Both were produced by a print shop, local to the author.
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