Effective colourful borders – montages of leaves, ferns, corals and branches – were created for this four books series.
 This layered border helped hold the series cohesively together and set the scene.
 High-impact images were sourced from a combination of both rights-managed and royalty free image libraries.
 The viewfinder back of the digital camera was introduced as an image border promoting young readers to capture images themselves.
 A signposted key explained at the start of each book the world map locator and endangered scale that appears on each spread.
 Working to a tight image budget meant that some creative image sourcing was used to get just the right image.
 Dramatic wildlife poses within the images helps attract the young readers.
 Annotatin captions and arrows help the young reader with identifycation of different species.
 The call-out panels for Zoo Stars describes famous zoo animals from around the world that had captured the hearts of people through media attention.
 Zoo View panels highlight specific zoo projects that are aiding animal welfare around the world.      
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