These are the title pages for each book. They use elements from the spreads of each book to introduce the main characters.
  Title:  Amazon Adventure  Subject:  Biology  Illustrator:   Damien Jones   Storyline:  The reader is searching for his great uncle Ramsay, an explorer who has mysteriously gone missing in the Amazon rainforest. In the company of some local guides the reader discovers the wonders of the rainforest and uncovers a sinister plot.  The storyline features some of the more dangerous and interesting animals of the rainforest. This gave plenty of scope to create imagery that helps maintain interest for the reader.
 Some spreads contained individual snippets of information. Where possible these snippets were combined into a small scene. These vignettes help to convey the density and diversity of the rainforest environment.
 The styling of the characters in all of the storylines was of great importance. They had to be realistic and entertaining for reluctant readers to become engaged with the storyline. Early development of all the characters was sketched and approved before placing them into the story environments.
  Title:  Funfair Fright  Subject:  Physics  Illustrator:   David Shephard   Storyline:  The Magnificent Mayhem Maker (a mischievous mechanical Turk) tricks the reader into releasing a host of ghouls and spirits that run amuck in the funfair. The funfair's owner asks the reader to gather them back into a genie bottle using the guidance of a mystical book and the laws of physics.  Here, the reader is asked to solve a puzzle by completing the electrical circuit. A large, clear diagram of the task is used to visualise the problem for the reader.
 Where possible, characters address the reader directly in order to help improve the emersion experience for the young reader.
 Some questions required the use of simple diagrams to illustrate the particular concept in physics being discussed. These were intermingled with the action scenes of the storyline.
  Title:  Lost in Space  Subject:  The solar system  Illustrator:   David Shephard   Storyline:  The reader is a patrolman for the Police Agency for Wider Space (PAWS). Whilst on a routine mission near Pluto, he rescues a kidnapped Professor and his robot dog. But they all soon become caught up in an adventure that spans the whole solar system.  Some elements of the storylines throughout this series involve the reader solving a visual puzzle by first answering the question correctly. Here the reader has to navigate through the asteroid belt to move to the next part of the story.
 The storyline of this title allowed for a handy combination of interior and exterior scenes.
 A metallic background texture is used on some pages to be reminiscent of hi-tech spaceship construction that the reader will have likely seen in other media (TV, movies, games etc).
  Title:  Secret Formula  Subject:  Chemistry  Illustrator:   David Shephard   Storyline:  Granny Zara's sweet factory has been sabotaged and it looks like the work of the Krusty Korporation (Granny's rivals). The reader gets more than he bargained for when he infiltrates the KK sweet factory to retrieve Granny's stolen secret formula.  On some pages, the imagery and text are reversed out of the 5th black for dramatic effect.
 Sometimes complete scenes are illustrated across the spread to create interest for the young reader and alter the pace of the storyline at critical points.
 Candy stripes and other imagery associated with sweets are used as background patterns throughout this title.
 The workflow for these titles was for us to draw up a very (very) rough pencil sketch to get an idea of what we'd need to lay out each page. We used these to approve layouts with Editorial. Then the illustrator was commissioned to provide pencils based on our roughs. We then tweaked the pencils and then sent those back to the illustrator to "go to colour". The final layout was then put together using the colour artwork.  We also designed various other elements needed for the storylines, like the main spaceship used in Lost in Space.
 Here is an example of a whole spread laid out using our roughs, then the final colour spread artwork.      
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