The design of the business card and website work together to create a strong visual styling that is unmistakably the brand of Write-now!
 The brand identity adheres to the Write-now! philosophy of well-written copy: concise, without being dull and pedestrian. The website is therefore a pleasantly simple layout but yet still reflects Susan’s creative interests.
 A somewhat bare bones contact form encourages potential new clients to make initial contact with Write-now! by lowering the barrier to entry. In keeping with the overall themes of the brand, we avoided the sort of "mega data collection" contact form that takes the user ages to fill in (quite common at the time), and kept the required details to the absolute minimum. Feedback from the client indicates that this works quite well for her.
 Testimonials feature heavily on this site because reputation plays an important role in developing new business leads for Write-now!  Also, when the user rolls over the images along the top, they each expand out to reveal the whole image. This Easter egg creates another dimension to the site by giving a dazzling display of colour that reflects Susan's personal love of all things colourful.      
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